WAFL Umpire Profiles

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Name: Hugh Wilson

Nickname: Goober

AFL Team: The mighty Dees

Greatest sporting moment/event: Walking inside the ropes following Tiger Woods Presidents Cup group at Royal Melbourne

What annoys you the most: Loud chewing

Any pets: Spud the dog

Dumbest way you’ve been injured: Dislocated shoulder high 5’ing a catch in cricket

Personal bio: An Aussie expat living in Wellington since 2015. Will try my hand at almost any sport but not be good at any of them. Favourite past times are mountain biking, surfing and sampling Wellington’s craft beer scene.

AFL background: Have been involved in the game as a player, umpire, official and supporter for as long as I can remember. Was never a great player but had reasonable success umpiring and got qualified as a level 2 AFL umpire as a 16 year old. Haven’t umpired since I moved to Wellington but am looking forward to getting back out there.

What do you hope to get out of umpiring: I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help grow the game in Wellington. Putting some good procedures in place to ensure that the WAFL umpiring group support the players, officials and spectators to know what to expect, enjoy the game and develop the league.

Alan with the Rugby World Cup

Name: Alan Grant

Nickname: Al

AFL Team: Nope, I don’t follow it that closely

Greatest sporting moment/event: Assistant Manager and Runner for the NZ Falcons International Cup at the MCG win in 2005

What annoys you the most: Stupidity

Any pets: 2 English Springer Spaniels – Rylee and Bella

Dumbest way you’ve been injured: Fell off a ladder cleaning the bathroom

Personal bio: Born in Scotland, I’ve lived in New Zealand since I was 9.  I trained as a Primary School Teacher and started teaching in 2000.  I’ve watched, played and officiated a wide range of sports.  I spend most of my time outside of work hanging out with my family – we have 2 young children aged 5 and 3.

AFL background: Started as a player in 2005 and didn’t enjoy it at all so had a go at umpiring instead.  Umpired for 3 years and loved it.  Went to Australia twice with the NZ Falcons as Assistant Manager and then Manager.

What do you hope to get out of umpiring: I hope to contribute to the positive growth of AFL in Wellington, primarily helping players to enjoy the game knowing that they’re safe and that they can confidently play to their best within the laws of the game.  I hope to be appreciated and acknowledged for a positive contribution.  I hope to support the group of umpires as well as the various team players and officials and indeed the members and officials of both the WAFL and AFLNZ.  I hope that my involvement will contribute to the success of the competition and the growth of the game.